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    Goldberg 1.5

    ”The Goldberg Variations is a Baroque piece still played, acclaimed and discussed today, with regard to interpretational issues as well as its origin and structure: Is Glenn Gould’s interpretation “correct” even though it is not traditional in its execution? What tempo should the aria have? Did Count Kaiserling suffer from what we today would call insomnia? Why did Johann Sebastian Bach create so few pieces with variations, and is it justifiable right to rearrange such a conscientiously composed piece at all?
    In 2015, Kondens received a substantial endowment from The Swedish Arts Council: A commission of five new pieces by five different composers, and the project was called Goldberg 1.5. The concept was to let the composers be inspired by the originals and then go on to create their own interpretations. The new variations are presented side-by-side with the originals, integrating with them and creating a new composition together. The driving force behind this project is curiosity, how these variations, created by female and male composers with various musical backgrounds, whose lifetimes may be separated by centuries, would be perceived by audiences, composers, and by us.
    Knowing that this music from a distant era is, due to its beauty, still sought-out today is impressive. The fact that these new pieces bear the imprint of history increases their presence and relevance. This was our mission, to celebrate music and its profound impact across time, age and style.
    Our versions are not a remix, where old and new material are fused together, creating a hybrid. A more apt description is to call them a time-specific collage where the separate parts are gathered together and displayed in the same frame. We hope that the interplay between the versions, the impact of history and the present moment, along with placing the original versions in a new context, will provide listeners with a sense of timelessness.
    The five Swedish composers who honored us with their compositions are Daniel Hjorth, Ida Lundén, Mattias Petersson, Jan Sandström and Lisa Ullén.”
    My Eklund and Lisa Oscarsson

    Kondens consists of My Eklund (recorder) and Lisa Oscarsson (organ). Several works have been dedicated to this ensemble, such as Geist and Ghost, by the Malmö-based composer Daniel Hjorth. Their latest commission Goldberg 1.5 premiered at the 2016 New Directions festival, where it was also recorded by Swedish Radio P2 Live. Since 2014, this duo has regularly held concerts in Sweden, primarily, but also in Norway. Kondens has been acclaimed by the media for their innovative approach and musicality. The Swedish Culture Council is behind most of their commissions and the Swedish Arts Grants Committee has arranged grants and funding.

    J.S. Bach: Aria, Variations nos. 7, 15, 16, 21, 29
    Variations on variations by Lisa Ullén, Mattias Petersson, Ida Lundén, Jan Sandström and Daniel Hjorth


    Musik av Olivier Messiaen, Carl Nielsen och Georges Enescu presenteras här av vännerna Vlad Stanculeasa och James Maddox. Stanculeasa är violinist från Rumänien, som utöver sin solokarriär vilken han bedriver över Europa, Asien och Sydamerika även är alternerande förste konsertmästare för Göteborgs Symfoniker sedan 2010. Maddox är pianist, ackompanjatör men även solist. Liksom Stanculeasa har han turnerat över både Europa och Asien men också Australien som han kommer från.

    Innehåll / Contents:

    O. Messiaen: Fantasie
    C. Nielsen: Sonata No. 2, opus 35:
    – Allegro con tiepidézza
    – Molto adagio
    – Allegro piacevole
    O. Messiaen: Théme et Variations
    G. Enescu: Sonata No. 3, opus 25:
    – Moderato malinconico
    – Andante sostenuto e misterioso
    – Allegro con brio, ma non troppo mosso

    Sven-Eric Johanson

    Ett klingande porträtt av tonsättaren Sven-Eric Johanson.

    Skaraborgs Vokalkvartett, Lars Hägglund, piano

    Tvinnat silke
    Skaraborgs Vokalkvartett

    Tio epigram
    Henrik Löwenmark, piano

    Pianosonat nr 2
    Henrik Löwenmark

    Variationer över en korsfararsång från 1100-talet
    Blåsarkvintetten Arion

    Sonat för soloflöjt
    Bo Nyberg

    Symfoni nr 12, ”Sinfonia da camera”
    Musik i Västs Kammarensemble, Petter Sundkvist

    Alpha Waves

    Musik för soloflöjt och elektronik. Flera av styckena är komponerade för Anna Svensdotter.

    ”The extended flute
    As wrong as it is to state that humankind by nature has one temperament, one attitude, or acts in one specific manner in all situations, it is just as difficult to answer the question: how does a flute sound? Anna Svensdotter is something as exclusive as a Swedish flutist who has specialised in newly written music. Always inquisitive about the way the flute and electronics give and take from one another in a musical collaboration, she has a place all of her own among performers of the new flute repertoire.
    In the ensembles L’Orchestre Disparu, (flute, voice, live electronics, live video), Trio Ek/Janson/Svensdotter (voice, double bass, flute), and the duo SkarvFX, (flute/electronics and double bass/electronics), Anna delves into new modes of expression with her fellow musicians. On this CD, where most of the works were written directly for her, she plays in an ensemble all by herself. All the registers of the flute conjure the weight of destiny and the twitter of play all at once. Sometimes the extraneous sounds are the main point and one’s perspective is turned inside out, sometimes the material changes slowly, like when a music box successively trips out of phase.
    A sort of musical democracy is created, where all the sound impulses, no matter their origin, form a whole, and the breathing becomes the listener’s own.
    So – how does a flute sound?”
    Paula af Malmborg Ward, composer (translation: George Kentros)

    Malin Bång: ALPHA WAVES
    Paul Bothén: GRAVITY
    Benjamin Staern: YELLOW SKIES
    Ida Lundén: HLP
    Fredrik Österling: NESCIO
    Paul Bothén: MIRAGE
    Tony Blomdahl: RTS

    ”Svensdotter rör sig lätt och ledigt i samspelet med elektroniken. Trots att inget stycke på skivan direkt får mig att göra kullerbyttor bildar de tillsammans en konstnärligt övertygande helhet som är större än delarna var och en för sig.

    Wo der Wind den Steg umwehet

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    Swedish composer Lars Hallnäs has a strikingly personal voice. His music is on the one hand distinguished by great beauty: it is sensuous, often longing an retrospective in charachter. On the other hand, it is calculated, matter-of-fact, severe. His composed meditations on melodic and harmonic fragments thrive on this tension between the abstract and the melodic. The simple melody, the lone voice, the very character of the music, seems to hold a typically Nordic legacy in trust. On this portrait-CD violinist Anna Lindal, soprano Susanne Rydén and pianist Kristine Scholz present a number of works written especially for them.

    Augustidagar 96
    Die Sternseherin Lise
    När han vaknar en gång
    Wo der Wind den Steg umwehet

    Susanne Rydén
    Anna Lindal
    Kristine Scholz

    Terra firma

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    As the first volume in dB Productions series ”Total Tonality” with new, tonal contemporary music, we present a composer portrait of Ylva Skog. Some of Swedens finest musicians perform Ylva Skogs original music on this disc, such as the guitarists Mats Bergström & Mårten Falk, the chamber ensemble The Peärls Before Swïne Expericence, Malmö Chamber Choir conducted by Dan-Olof Stenlund, and the percussion duo Mika Takehara & Ludvig Nilsson. ”A Swedish Stravinsky. It is easy to like her music since it is immediate and free from most of the ballast of modernism. She simply writes music that she would like to hear. It is a strength and gives solid ground under her feet.” (Mikael Strömberg/Aftonbladet 2009-09-20).

    Michael Nyman & Motion Trio

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    Nine of Michael Nymans greatest hits arranged/performed by The Motion Trio

    Bonus Track – Silence written and performed by The Motion Trio

    With Michael Nyman, Piano and Nigel Barr, Trombone and Euphonium

    The Motion Trio are an accordion trio. They were honored with the Gus Viseur award at the Musical Discovery of the Year awards in 2005 in France – a top honour in the accordion world. They are the grand prix laureates of the 4th Edition of the Krzysztof Penderecki International Contemporary Chamber Music Competition. The Motion Trio have participated in a great number of prestigous festivals events inlcuding the Montreal Jazz Festival, the Alternativa Festival, Moscow, Migration Music Festival Taipei, Fest Der Kontinente Berlin, Gaudeamus Festival, Amsterdam, Reykjavik Arts Festival, Festival dIle de France, Paris and many others.

    Musica Vitae

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    I en inspelning från 1995-96 presenterar kammarorkestern Musica Vitae från Växjö fyra svenska kompositioner från 80- och 90-talet. Ensemblens dirigent är Peter Csaba.

    Daniel Börtz: Variationer och intermezzi för stråkorkester (1994)
    Thomas Liljeholm: Tetrachordon för 15 solostråkar (1990)
    Anders Hillborg: Celestial Mechanics (1983-85)
    Anders Hultqvist: Vinterträdgården (1993)

    Improvisational one

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    Pianisten Niklas Sivelöv improviserar inspirerad av Carl Michael Bellman.

    Til fader Movitz, under dess sjukdom (FE 30)
    Hvaruti afmålas Ulla Winblads hemresa (FE48)
    Öfver Bredströmskans och Movitz melankoli (FE44
    Om et anstädlt försåt emot Ulla Winblad (FE28)
    Til Ulla Winblad, skrifven vid ett ömt tillfälle (FE43)
    Gubben Noach (FS35)
    Öfver Movitz, då han blev uppiskad på gatan (FE31)
    Til Movitz när hans fästmö dog (FE52)
    Haga (FS64)
    Öfver Bergströmskans Porträt på Liljans krog (FE39)
    Om fader Movitz´s öfverfart til Djurgården (FE33)
    Til Gumman på Thermopolium Boreale (FE9)
    Varutinnan Han 1:o Afmålar Natten med dess nöjen (FE21)
    Fugato pot pourri
    Finale Hullerombuller



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    KammarensembleN´s virtuoso members consist of section leaders in swedish orchestras, as well as soloists and established chamber musicians. This ensemble ” which defies gravity” according to Svenska Dagbladet has been a source of inspiration for many composers, which has resulted in more than 60 premieres.
    This CD is a sequel to Keep the Change, and taken together, these two CDs provide a cross section of the ensemble´s Swedish repertoire.

    Le vin des amants (Österling)
    Tre Campi (Larson)
    Intrada (Sandström)
    Trakt (Bohlin)
    Haunt (Nelson)
    Toccata e Canto (Lidholm)



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    André Chini, a Frenchman by birth but living in Sweden for many years now, has always been critical of his former compatriots’ nuclear weapons tests, and his Mururoa violin concerto was written in protest against them already in 1989. “Nils-Erik Sparf is a brilliant soloist and the music is innocently beautiful, like a South Sea atoll,” one reviewer wrote, “… but lurking round the corner is the wicked fairy…”
    This record mirrors a composer of many parts who can also create music full of fun and games, as for example in “Trälåda”, in which a prelude to the children’s ballet “How the Elephant Got Its Trunk” is expanded into a full-scale composition for the Kroumata percussion ensemble.

    Nils-Erik Sparf violin, Sveriges Radios Symfoniorkester, André Chini dirigent

    Wooden Box

    Nils-Erik Sparf violin, Lars Frykholm cello, Lucia Negro piano

    Anette Stridh sopran, Helén Jahren oboe, Patrick Swedrup violin, Peter Olofsson violin, Tony Bauer viola, Lars Frykholm cello

    Cheers! Khayyam!
    Per Olov Sahl cello

    The Spring Flood
    Mårten Landström piano

    A Site For a Listener’s Ear

    A Site For a Listener’s Ear

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    Tommy Zwedberg is a composer in harmony with the central musical aims of our times, where the exploitation of the experimental conquests of the 60s, in combination with solid musical craftmanship founded on tradition, is one of the most flourishing lines of development. With his single-minded and uncompromising work in this direction his music forms a link between the past and the future. To listen to his voice is therefore most important.

    Kristine Scholtz piano

    And It Killed Him Twice

    Magnus Andersson gitarr


    KammarensembleN, B Tommy Andersson dirigent

    Merz II

    Ancora 1984 Strano

    Ancora 1984 Strano

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    Ancora is a string quartet which has been played in more than 40 countries – meta-music it has been called, containing both folk music and avant-garde. 1984 is a suggestive, poignant piece for three synthesizers, recorded tape and large orchestra, conducted by Esa-Pekka Salonen. Strano is for wind quintet and recorded tape. Timeless music by aesthete Jan W. Morthenson.


    Miklós Maros

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    Miklos Maros is never a man for glibness. He has a gripping tonal language all of his own. Many of his compositions were written expressly for certain musicians, with their particular style of playing in mind. The Saxophone Concerto in this recording, for example, is dedicated to the masterly John-Edward Kelly, who in playful earnest elevates the music to staggering heights, both literally and metaphorically speaking.

    Symphony No. I: I, II, III
    Budapest Symphony Orchestra, Miklós Maros dirigent

    Four songs from Gitanjali
    Ilona Maros sopran, The Marosensemble, Miklós Maros dirigent

    Sinfonia concertante: I, II, III
    The Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra, Juha Kangas dirigent

    Concerto for alto saxophone and orchestra
    John-Edward Kelly saxophone, Radio Prague Symphony Orchestra, Miklós Maros dirigent

    Conte fantastique

    Conte fantastique

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    Ett urval av fransmannen André Caplets verk för kammarensemble: stråkar, harpa och sångare i olika konstellationer.
    Ensemble musique oblique består av Elisabeth Glab och Marie-Josée Ritchot – violin, Michel Renard – viola och Isabelle Veyrier – cello. Laurence Cabel trakterar harpan och medverkande sångare är Sharon Coste, Sandrine Piau och Sylvie Deguy

    Conte fantastique – harpa och stråkkvartett
    Les prières – sång, harpa och stråkkvartett
    Divertissements – harpa
    Deux sonnets – sopran och harpa
    Septuor – tre damröster och stråkkvartett.

    Keep the change

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    Sten Melin: Keep the Change
    Arne Mellnäs: Endymion
    Ivo Nilsson: Totentanz
    Reine Jönsson: Om att cykla
    Jan W Morthenson: Contra
    Christer LIndwall: Sinik

    Conductors: B Tommy Andersson and Hannu Koivula

    KammarensembleN (founded in 1984 by Ansgar Krook) is according to the Danish newspaper Berlinske Tidende ”an ensemble consisting of superb soloists … with an ideal combination of meticulous precision and contagious enthusiasm.” Its masterly members include the section leaders of the Swedish orchestras, as well as soloists and prominent chamber musicians. The ensemble has served as a source of inspiration for a host of composers, resulting in more than 60 first performances.

    The basic concept for this CD is to present some of the works which have served as corner stones for the group´s Swedish repertoire over the years .



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    Kristine Scholz är en av Sveriges och Europas mest begåvade interpreter av samtida pianomusik. Efter avsutade studier för Aloys Kontasky i Köln har hon framträtt över hela Europa och blivit särskilt känd för sina tolkningar av musik av John Cage, Henry Cowell och Karl Heinz Stockhausen. På denna cd spelar hon två längre stycken den tyske tonsättaren Nicolaus A. Huber: Darabukka och Beds and Brackets, Lars Sandbergs Upp i dagen, Mats Perssons Schattenlieder VI och ett närmast minimalistiskt litet stycke av ”amatören” Carl Jonas Love Almqvist: Nyniannes röst (noterna återges i kommentarhäftet).

    Skivbolaget Alice låter tonsättarna själva presentera sina verk:

    ”The Darabukka is an Arab hand-drum … which can produce two sounds: one high and one low. By uncovering the lower aperture, the low sound disappears, leaving only the high sound. The use of the drums name implies that Darabukka is a rhythmical piece for piano. The C#1 key is treated like a drum, and all possible finger and hand combinations are to be drawn from the darabukkas richness of sound.” Nicolaus. A. Huber

    Beds and Brackets
    In a comment to the composition Beds and Brackets Huber relates a story about a meeting with his former teacher, Luigi Nono: ”In Beds and Brackets there is a piece within a piece: Statement on Nonos Thumping. Shortly before his death, I worked together with Nono on a jury panel for a composition competition. In those days he used to sometimes hit the desk with his fist in heavy thumping rhythms of elemental proportions: ffff. These liberating outbursts stayed in my memory for the duration of my work on Statement. They were derived totally from the immediate range of what is possible to do and to percieve. For the rest of the piece such close-up of the human physical world remain my model for performing and listening.” Nicolaus. A. Huber

    Upp i dagen
    ”There I abandon modality and proceed to a kind of harmony and tonality. In fact I do not use any predetermined modes or tonal material in this piece; rather there is someting which modulates and transforms it pitchwise. It is, as the title also suggest, about bringing the twelve tones to light.” Lars Sandberg

    Nynniannes röst
    ”All this music, even when it is gayest and most vigorous, bears with it the stamp of a great Loneliness … But take you the trouble to make it closer aquaintance shall you mark that this hermit disposition, this Sentiment of Solitude which surrounds the music resembles not the air of an empty cottage, not sorrowful and forlorn, but replete with a whole world of its own richness. Thus one who listens to it can either embrace it not at all or with enthusiasm.” Carl Jonas Love Almquist (1793-1866) (From a letter to Vendela Hebbe)

    Within trees

    Within trees

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    Verk av kompositören Henrik Strindberg framförda av bland andra Annika Skoglund – sopran, Mats Widlund – piano, Ann-Sofi Klingberg – piano, Jörgen Pettersson – altsaxofon, Sonanza, Radiosymfonikerna och Norrköpingssymfonikerna.

    2 pianos
    Hopp/Hope I-IV Konsert för altsaxofon och orkester
    Cheap thrills
    I träd/Within trees I, II



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    Verk av kompositören Madeleine Isaksson framförda av bland andra Stockholms saxofonkvartett och konstellationer ur ensemblen MA.

    Som om
    Å svävare