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    Sven-Eric Johanson

    Ett klingande porträtt av tonsättaren Sven-Eric Johanson.

    Skaraborgs Vokalkvartett, Lars Hägglund, piano

    Tvinnat silke
    Skaraborgs Vokalkvartett

    Tio epigram
    Henrik Löwenmark, piano

    Pianosonat nr 2
    Henrik Löwenmark

    Variationer över en korsfararsång från 1100-talet
    Blåsarkvintetten Arion

    Sonat för soloflöjt
    Bo Nyberg

    Symfoni nr 12, ”Sinfonia da camera”
    Musik i Västs Kammarensemble, Petter Sundkvist


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    Five orchestral pieces for piano. Cadenze. Concerto for organ and orchestra.

    Anders Nilsson is a contemporary composer who takes the intuitive path, unleashing feelings and spontaneously capturing the note on the wing. ”Masterly” was one reviewer’s verdict on his five orchestral pieces for piano, and he continued: ”This very feeling of dancing happiness and hopefulness is a characteristic which one notices more and more after listening to Nilsson’s music a few times.”

    Ariel: l, ll, lll
    Helén Jahren oboe, Tapiola Sinfonietta, Bjarte Engeset dirigent

    Five orchestral pieces for piano: l, ll, lll, lV, V
    Roland Pöntinen

    Cadenze: l, ll, lll, Vl
    KammarensembleN, Ansgar Krook dirigent

    Concerto per organo ed orchestra: l, ll, lll
    Erik Lundkvist orgel, Stockholms Filarmoniska Orkester, Niklas Willén dirigent

    Miklós Maros

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    Miklos Maros is never a man for glibness. He has a gripping tonal language all of his own. Many of his compositions were written expressly for certain musicians, with their particular style of playing in mind. The Saxophone Concerto in this recording, for example, is dedicated to the masterly John-Edward Kelly, who in playful earnest elevates the music to staggering heights, both literally and metaphorically speaking.

    Symphony No. I: I, II, III
    Budapest Symphony Orchestra, Miklós Maros dirigent

    Four songs from Gitanjali
    Ilona Maros sopran, The Marosensemble, Miklós Maros dirigent

    Sinfonia concertante: I, II, III
    The Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra, Juha Kangas dirigent

    Concerto for alto saxophone and orchestra
    John-Edward Kelly saxophone, Radio Prague Symphony Orchestra, Miklós Maros dirigent



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    The sensual plays an important part in Ingvar Karkoff’s creativity, and this is music to be experienced through all the listener’s senses. Karkoff is an all-round composer who sometimes also writes and arranges film music (the music for Adam och Eva, for example). This recording features Texture, the work which Karkoff wrote at the end of the 1970s and which made his reputation, and more recent orchestral compositions like Fenix and Carnavalito (little fleshly dance), which he wrote 15 years later. Three chamber music compositions are also included.

    Sveriges Radios Symfoniorkester, Leif Segerstam dirigent

    Variations on Gujarati
    Svenska Brasskvintetten

    Malmö Symfoniorkester, Leif Segerstam dirigent

    Dream Play II
    Semmy Stahlhammer violin, Love Derwinger piano

    SAMI Sinfonietta, Leif Segerstam dirigent

    A Siberian Tune
    Tobias Carron, flöjt

    Alfred Janson

    Alfred Janson

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    Construction and Hymn, Canon for Chamber Orchestra and Magnetic Tape, Theme, Prelude, Nocturne.