Peze Kafe

Sten Källman (arr)           

32.00 kr


En traditionell visa från Haiti på kreol, i rytmiskt arrangemang för kör a cappella med slagverk ad lib av Sten Källman. Innehåller förslag till slagverksrytmer, textöversättning och uttalsnyckel. Finns inspelad på CD:n ”Amanda chante Haiti”.

Traditional Haitian song, arranged for mixed choir and percussion ad lib. The perfect change-of-pace number for any concert, this colorful arrangement of a Haitian folk song has lots of fun rhythms and sounds that you just want to keep singing and hearing. It has an infectious rhythmic groove, vocal percussion, and plenty of repetition. The Haitian words are easy to learn as they tell the story of a young boy who goes to the market to weigh their coffee, but he gets arrested which gets him in trouble with his mother. It’s very catchy! Rhythm score included.

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