Förvårskväll. One Early Spring Evening

Sofia Vokalensemble   Ollén, Bengt        

149 kr

Förlag: Convivium Records
Artikelnr: E-10845

”Sofia Vokalensemble vill ta med dig på en resa genom en del av den bästa nordiska körmusiken. Det är musik som vi sjungit på många konserter och turnéer genom åren. Musik som vi alltid har älskat att framföra. Musik där vi alltid vill beröra vår publik lite extra. Här varvas utsökt vacker nationalromantik med folklig koral och visa, nutida svenska kompositioner och körmusik från vårt östra grannland.”

”The members of Sofia Vokalensemble under our director Bengt Ollén, invite you to join us on a musical journey through some of our favourite Nordic a cappella choral music. It is music that we have always loved to share with our audience, pieces that through the years we have performed at many concerts in Sweden and touring overseas. In this album, we have chosen a selection of songs that reach from exquisite Swedish National Romanticism to folk chorale and contemporary pieces.”

The choir’s performances are characterized by a warm, lyrical Swedish choral sound and a stage presence that has taken the ensemble far in international competitions.

In 2012 Sofia Vokalensemble won the European Grand Prix for Choral Singing. The competition, this year held in Maribor, Slovenia, is one of the most prestigious in the world and the participating choirs are the winners of six reputed choral competitions in Europe. Sofia Vokalensemble qualified for the competition after winning the Grand Prix at the International Choral Competition, Maribor, Slovenia, in 2011.

In the autumn of 2009, Sofia Vokalensemble won the Grand Prix at the Grieg International Choir Festival in Bergen, Norway. In the summer of 2008 the choir took two first places in the Grand Prix in Italian Gorizia and in 2006 the ensemble tied for first place in the prestigious Harald Andersén Chamber Choir Competition in Helsinki, Finland. Sofia Vokalensemble has also toured in Czech Republic, South Africa, Germany, Slovenia, Italy, Hong Kong, Ireland, Greece, Venezuela and Russia. At home in Stockholm, the choir gives regular concerts in the Sofia church.

Music by Bach, Poulenc, Pärt and Schnittke recurs frequently in the repertoire. The choir has also premiered pieces by, among others Jaakko Mäntyjärvi, Fredrik Sixten and Karin Rehnqvist. Sofia Vokalensemble is a choir with great love for music and the work is characterized not only by high musical ambition and close interaction with the conductor: the heart is always there;  on Wednesday rehearsals and weekend training camps as well as at airports, parties, and behind the scenes before a competition.

Sven-David Sandström: Four songs of love
Oskar Lindberg: Stjärntändningen
Fredrik Sixten: Unforgotten
Bengt Ollén (arr): Trilo
Sven-David Sandström: The Half finished heaven
Hugo Alfvén: Aftonen
Bengt Ollén (arr): I denna ljuva sommartid
Ludvig Norman: Jordens oro viker
David Wikander: Kung Liljekonvalje
Jaakko Mäntyjärvi: Die Stimme des Kindes
David Wikander: Förvårskväll
Jaakko Mäntyjärvi: Canticum calamitatis maritimae
Wilhelm Stenhammar: Sverige