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Scholz, Kristine   Huber, Nicolaus   Sandberg, Lars   Almqvist, Carl Jonas Love   Persson, Mats

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Förlag: Alice Musik
ALCD 011
Artikelnr: BEF - 6641

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Kristine Scholz är en av Sveriges och Europas mest begåvade interpreter av samtida pianomusik. Efter avsutade studier för Aloys Kontasky i Köln har hon framträtt över hela Europa och blivit särskilt känd för sina tolkningar av musik av John Cage, Henry Cowell och Karl Heinz Stockhausen. På denna cd spelar hon två längre stycken den tyske tonsättaren Nicolaus A. Huber: Darabukka och Beds and Brackets, Lars Sandbergs Upp i dagen, Mats Perssons Schattenlieder VI och ett närmast minimalistiskt litet stycke av ”amatören” Carl Jonas Love Almqvist: Nyniannes röst (noterna återges i kommentarhäftet).

Skivbolaget Alice låter tonsättarna själva presentera sina verk:

”The Darabukka is an Arab hand-drum … which can produce two sounds: one high and one low. By uncovering the lower aperture, the low sound disappears, leaving only the high sound. The use of the drums name implies that Darabukka is a rhythmical piece for piano. The C#1 key is treated like a drum, and all possible finger and hand combinations are to be drawn from the darabukkas richness of sound.” Nicolaus. A. Huber

Beds and Brackets
In a comment to the composition Beds and Brackets Huber relates a story about a meeting with his former teacher, Luigi Nono: ”In Beds and Brackets there is a piece within a piece: Statement on Nonos Thumping. Shortly before his death, I worked together with Nono on a jury panel for a composition competition. In those days he used to sometimes hit the desk with his fist in heavy thumping rhythms of elemental proportions: ffff. These liberating outbursts stayed in my memory for the duration of my work on Statement. They were derived totally from the immediate range of what is possible to do and to percieve. For the rest of the piece such close-up of the human physical world remain my model for performing and listening.” Nicolaus. A. Huber

Upp i dagen
”There I abandon modality and proceed to a kind of harmony and tonality. In fact I do not use any predetermined modes or tonal material in this piece; rather there is someting which modulates and transforms it pitchwise. It is, as the title also suggest, about bringing the twelve tones to light.” Lars Sandberg

Nynniannes röst
”All this music, even when it is gayest and most vigorous, bears with it the stamp of a great Loneliness … But take you the trouble to make it closer aquaintance shall you mark that this hermit disposition, this Sentiment of Solitude which surrounds the music resembles not the air of an empty cottage, not sorrowful and forlorn, but replete with a whole world of its own richness. Thus one who listens to it can either embrace it not at all or with enthusiasm.” Carl Jonas Love Almquist (1793-1866) (From a letter to Vendela Hebbe)


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