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Wo der Wind den Steg umwehet

Hallnäs, Lars           

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Swedish composer Lars Hallnäs has a strikingly personal voice. His music is on the one hand distinguished by great beauty: it is sensuous, often longing an retrospective in charachter. On the other hand, it is calculated, matter-of-fact, severe. His composed meditations on melodic and harmonic fragments thrive on this tension between the abstract and the melodic. The simple melody, the lone voice, the very character of the music, seems to hold a typically Nordic legacy in trust. On this portrait-CD violinist Anna Lindal, soprano Susanne Rydén and pianist Kristine Scholz present a number of works written especially for them.

Augustidagar 96
Die Sternseherin Lise
När han vaknar en gång
Wo der Wind den Steg umwehet

Susanne Rydén
Anna Lindal
Kristine Scholz


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