Keep the change


Phono Suecia
PSCD 120
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Sten Melin: Keep the Change
Arne Mellnäs: Endymion
Ivo Nilsson: Totentanz
Reine Jönsson: Om att cykla
Jan W Morthenson: Contra
Christer LIndwall: Sinik

Conductors: B Tommy Andersson and Hannu Koivula

KammarensembleN (founded in 1984 by Ansgar Krook) is according to the Danish newspaper Berlinske Tidende ”an ensemble consisting of superb soloists … with an ideal combination of meticulous precision and contagious enthusiasm.” Its masterly members include the section leaders of the Swedish orchestras, as well as soloists and prominent chamber musicians. The ensemble has served as a source of inspiration for a host of composers, resulting in more than 60 first performances.

The basic concept for this CD is to present some of the works which have served as corner stones for the group´s Swedish repertoire over the years .