The Silent Landscape

Linda Alexandersson           

Bo Ejeby Förlag
17 s. SSAA + harp (or piano)
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The Silent Landscape is a suite for women’s choir and harp (or possibly piano) inspired by the exploration expedition onboard the British H.M.S. Challenger 1872–1876. The scientist’s main task was to measure the depth of the ocean and collect information about life on the bottom of the sea. The texts of the suite are parts of letters and reports, written by the members of the expedition.

The composition was premiered by the choir Korallerna and the harpist Miriam Klein Strandberg in October 2014. Listen to a fragment of the piece from their premiere performance below.

Linda Alexandersson (b. 1984) is a Malmö-based composer, arranger, conductor and singer. She has a Master of Education degree from Malmö Academy of Music, where she specialized in composition.


The Silent Landscape
Oh Bermuda
Black Coral
The Needle

Lyssna på första satsen på YouTube.

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