Biermann, Wolf   Eriksson, Gunnar (arr.)        

16 s. SATB divisi. Peer Music
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Sedan några år tillbaka samarbetar Gunnar Eriksson och Göteborgs Kammarkör med den legendariske visdiktaren och sångaren Wolf Biermann.

I volym 1 av Gunnar Erikssons arrangemang av Biermanns visor finns:

Wann ist denn endlich Frieden
Lied für Jürgen Fuchs
Und als wir ans Ufer kamen

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Så här skriver Biermann om Gunnar Eriksson:

"Gunnar´s profession is to lead and entice his 36 singers to sing – he, however, only moves his lips silently, like tiny visual conductor´s motions. Gunnar himself sings most beautifully with pencil to music paper, with his hands and his ears. Apart from the eardrum, hammer, anvil, stirrup and cochlea, the internal arrangement of his ears also includes Martin Luther, Paul Gerhard, Bach, Schubert, Schumann, Eisler, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, the nightingale, the crow, the angels, the trolls and sirens. And all these voices flow through his multi-layered choral arrangements. For me, collaborating with Gunnar Eriksson brings twice the pleasure. I hear his music, richer and more beautifully, in my own musical works. And apart from that, my guitar is not always alone with me on stage. A choir such as this is basically the best soloist and the best orchestra."