Ayibobo. Änglar. Angels

Sten Källman   Patrick Rydman   Trad. Haiti     

Bo Ejeby Förlag
8 s. SATB + percussion. 2020.
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Finally some new arrangements of traditional Haitian songs by Sten Källman!

”Ayibobo is a ritual song celebrating the saints (the lesen) in a hallelujah (ayibobo). The song was performed in a voudou ceremony in the little town of La Grande Rivière du Nord, northern Haiti.” – Sten Källman

This is a very groovy and captivating selection! An up-tempo world beat, with a repetitive vamp by voices and percussion will make it hard for anyone who hears it to be still… Much appreciated by both musicians, singers and listeners. Lyrics in Haitian creole, Swedish (by Sten Källman) and English (by Patrick Rydman). Rhythm score included.

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