Mwen sot anba

Sten Källman   Trad. Haiti        

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4 s. SATB + percussion. 2020.
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Finally some new arrangements of traditional Haitian songs by Sten Källman! This colorful upbeat song brings joy to both musicians and listeners, with percussion backing an a cappella choir. Intriguing syncopated rhythms for percussionists as well as singers.

Trad. lyrics in Haitian creole, Swedish lyrics, ”Zaka, ta emot mig” by Sten Källman, and English lyrics, ”Won’t you catch me” by Patrick Rydman. Rhythm score included.

I come from the plain below on my way up the hill.
Kouzen, I ask for just a drop of water.
Look, take the mug!

”Kouzen means cousin and farmer, but it is also the voudou patron of the farmers.” – Sten Källman

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Available on We Are Voice.


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