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Duration: 66:29. 2018.
Artikelnr: FRCD105

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Välrenommerade Svanholm Singers sjunger under ledning av Sofia Söderberg.

In the mid- to late 1800s, there was a golden age for men’s choirs in Sweden by way of our universities, which means that most of our country’s repertoire originated during that period. It is certainly an interesting challenge for artistic directors to establish a repertoire that is timely, moving, and that deals with issues that are important to us today. 
Over the years, I’ve composed a great deal of our material, but we’ve also had commissioned pieces. This disc includes a selection of these works created with our choir in mind, the Svanholm Singers Exclusive.” – Sofia Söderberg

Innehåll / Contents:

Badhusintro – Sofia Söderberg
Limu limu lima – Sofia Söderberg
Hårgalåten – Sofia Söderberg
Amazing grace / Akatonbo – Kosaku Yamada, Rofú Miki, John Newton, Sofia Söderberg
Serenad – Jacob Axel Josephsson, Sofia Söderberg
Peace – Gerard Manley Hopkins, Wilfred Owen, Peter Bruun
It is so peaceful here – Christian Engquist
Son to mother – Maya Angelou, Henrik Dahlgren
Close to home – Eleanor Roosevelt, Emil Fredberg
Kyrie – Sofia Söderberg
Ave Maria – Sofia Söderberg
Salve Regina – Hermanus Contractus, Knut Nystedt
Härlig är jorden – Bernhard Serverin Ingemann, Cecilia Bååth-Holmberg, Sofia Söderberg, Chief Noah Seattle

Limu limu lima

Son to mother