Gratias Deo

Mikael Carlsson           

Bo Ejeby Förlag
8 s. SATB divisi a cappella. 2020.
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Gratias Deo by Mikael Carlsson, to lyrics of his own, is dedicated to all the members of Haga Motettkör, Gothenburg, and conductor Ulrike Heider.

This is a joyful and honest expression of gratitude to God, for everything that music gives to those who sing. Rhythmic playfulness, a positive progression and a spirited style of singing should permeate the performance of this piece. A smile on the lips of the singers will, hopefully, effortlessly follow.

The song in is to be sung Allegro gioioso in a light and flowing way, which maybe is not always too easy in a 7/8 beat. But when it works it is a real swinging tune!

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