Ale Möller   Sten Källman (arr)   Mamadou Sene     

Bo Ejeby Förlag
4 s. SATB + percussion ad lib.
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A song in the West African language of wolof about “the trees, the rivers, the mountains – all singing the Song of the Forest”. Choir arrangement by Ale Möller and Sten KällmanLyrics by Ale Möller and the Senegalese-Swedish musician Mamadou Sene.

Aim for a “folk music” approach while singing, straight and rich in overtones. Emphasize the rhythmic potential of consonants. Percussion is not necessary, but if possible a maracas could be used played simply on the beats.

Listen to this recording of Woy with the Ale Möller Band. The parts are somewhat different, but the ideal expression is clearly evident.

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