O sun of real peace

Martin Åsander (music)   Walt Whitman (lyrics)        

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14 s. SMzATBarB a cappella. 2024.
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En jublande hyllning till ljuset.

”Walt Whitman is often regarded as one of America’s most influential poets, achieving a major break­ through just four years after his death in 1892. He was considered controversial as he challenged the verse meters and structures of the time, developing his own expansive, free and irregular yet beautifully rhythmic verse. “O sun of real peace” is in many ways a tribute to the beauty of nature, but also a wish for light to break into a wounded world filled with war, unrest and injustice.

During a tour to Germany in 2023, the vocal ensemble VoNo and conductor Lone Larsen premiered this piece in a concert with the theme “Make Peace”.

With its somewhat motet-like form for double choir, this piece can encourage the singers to explore new constellations, rhythmic swing and hopefully, the true joy of singing. The mezzo and baritone part may preferably be sung by a mix of altos/sopranos and tenors/basses respectively.” – Martin Åsander


A jubilant tribute to the light in the world. Listen to the first half of the piece, from a live recording with VoNo Vocals conducted by Lone Larsen.

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