Aspects of Snow. Three Japanese Poems

Staffan Storm   Stephen D. Carter        

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12 s. SATB divisi. 2019.
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Three ancient Japanese poems on snow, translated to English by Steven D. Carter:

At Tago Bay, by Yamabe no Akahito (early 8th century)
In the early light, by Sakanoue no Korenori (early 10th century)
I look out and snow is falling, by Takayama Sozei (-1455)

Creating a quiet winter soundscape with tight cluster harmonies, these selections will challenge your advanced singers.

”The sonorities in Staffan Storm’s settings are often dense, but floating and not intrusive. This is not romantic music, but certainly full of feeling. Storm conjures up the symbolic experience of standing and gazing at the heavens beneath the light of the moon, with the quiet flurry of snow in the air, so palpable that you can almost hear it.” – Karin Ekedahl in the booklet of the recording by Erik Westberg Vocal Ensemble, Amor Vita Mors from 2018. Listen to the digital album at various streaming sites or below, where you find shortened versions of the three pieces.

At Tago Bay

In the Early Light

I Look Out and Snow is Falling

Listen on YouTube: At Tago Bay, In the Early Light, I Look Out and Snow is Falling

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