Coral Resurrection

Kjell Perder           

Bo Ejeby Förlag
24 s. SATB + soprano saxophone. 2020.
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Music and lyrics by Kjell Perder.

”Sometimes art and science are walking together. Coral Resurrection is not a political piece of music, but it is shaped when the climate situation is threatening us all, forcing every human to take action if we want to survive. The coral reefs are Mother Earth’s nursery and what can be more crucial than to protect them?
Here the solo instrument and the choir voices interact on a journey from vibrations on the sea floor to dreams of resurrection on the water surface. Angels whisper words of warning and encouragement, the stone outside the tomb is moved. Life arise!” – Kjell Perder

Coral Resurrection is composed for and dedicated to soprano saxophonist Anders Paulsson and the Chamber choir of Stockholm’s Musikgymnasium, conductor Helene Stureborg. Hear them perform  parts of the piece together, live, here:

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