Of time you would make a stream

Sven Hagvil   Khalil Gibran        

Bo Ejeby Förlag
16 s. SATB a cappella. 2022.
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Winner of the 2nd prize in Bo Ejeby Förlag’s composition award 2021.

Juryns prismotivering: Musiken kännetecknas av uppriktighet och en närhet till texten. Den strama, motettartade stilen i klassisk polyfoni har på ett lyckat sätt fått ett modernt uttryck.

”The Lebanese American philosopher and poet Khalil Gibran’s book The Prophet has accompanied me for a long time, ever since I was first introduced to it by a friend, a Lebanese refugee, many years ago. I’ve returned to it often, to read and to make use of passages in compositions. The Prophet is a wondrous treasure trove of amazing poetry – covering life, death, and everything in between: love, friendship, children, work, power. And time.

I always focus carefully on any texts I wish to use, read and rhythmize them in different ways they could be read and interpreted, and choose words and sentences that deserve to be emphasized, to stop and ponder on, or simply let go and flow. So too in this, in my opinion, magnificent poem. Sometimes there’s very little movement, sometimes it courses on in a mighty and unfathomable manner. Never predictable. I hope I managed to bring out the timelessness.” – Sven Hagvil

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