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”The lyrics of Ama were penned by Virgil and by Seneca the younger; influential Roman poets active two thousand years ago. Virgil is represented here by two stanzas: Amor vincit omnia et nos cedamus amori (Love conquers all things; let us too surrender to love) and Breve et irreparabile tempus omnibus est vitae (Lifetimes are brief and not to be regained), while Seneca’s contribution is Si vis amari, ama (If you want to be loved, love). Seneca was reputed to have corresponded with the apostle Paul.

This composition was originally written for Trio Mediaeval. Here it is in an extended arrangement where men and women sing separately, only to join at the very end.

The solo part, notated here for the violin, can also be played on a clarinet, an alto flute, a cello or an English horn. The piece can also be performed without an instrumental solo.” – Anders Jormin

Ama is recorded by the Polish choir Camerata Silesia and Anders Jormin: Ama, Footprint Records FRCD 094.

Lyssna på YouTube.

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”En otroligt vacker kärlekssång om att livet är kort och det går inte i repris, så vill du bli älskad – älska!” – Charlotta Holmgren, Kyrkomusikernas tidning

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