Radius solaris

Anders Jormin           

Bo Ejeby Förlag
9 pp. SATB + violin + double bass
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Radius solaris, descendit ut pluvia …

Sunbeams fall – as if they were rain.
You, who received the blessing that abides within,
make the world beautiful for all God’s children.

”The Latin lyrics used in Radius solaris stem from an old, less-used version of Ave maris stella, an essential prayer in the Catholic church. The composition honours medieval vocal music as well as the later passacaglia form.

The solo part, notated here for the violin, can also be played by a clarinet, an alto flute, a cello or an English horn. The piece can also be performed without an instrumental solo.” – Anders Jormin

Radius solaris is recorded by the Polish choir Camerata Silesia and Anders Jormin: Ama, Footprint Records FRCD 094.

Lyssna på YouTube.

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